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I am a writer, photographer, and website designer. In addition, I am a content producer using photography and Photoshop editing. I do email marketing and function as a social media strategist. I do freelance contract work, notably with non-profits. Currently, I contract with the Valley Community Association, and Sail Buffalo. The primary goals of my work are to promote revitalization and good works and improve the profile of local businesses.

I am located in Buffalo, NY. and doing business as Talking Iguana. See my full resume here.

SUMMARY: Writer, website designer primarily in WordPress, html/css coder, photographer with 4+ years updating and spearheading social media strategies and online content. I have designed websites and social media strategies for business, individuals, and nonprofits.

EDUCATION SUMMARY: I have completed extensive coursework in creative writing, web programming, Adobe Photoshop/Dreamweaver, graphic design, photography and more at the University of Washington Extension, CEPA Gallery, Squeaky Wheel as well as tutelage and apprenticeships with notable authors, poets and essayists.

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How would you like your business promoted? Let me design your business’ digital presence. I specialize in website design, content production, email marketing, and social media strategies.

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