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The websites showcased here are the ones that I design and/or managed which are currently live. Some I worked on from scratch others were a redesign. As I worked with the individuals and businesses these websites needed to represent, we developed an individualized plan to suit their needs. While some had an abundance of content, others needed both photographs and written content. The design of each site is meant to represent the unique characteristics of the business and individuals. Take a look at the community center where we used the children’s artwork to illustrate services; on anther site, I digitally altered a photograph taken of a painted wall at the business and then used it as the site’s logo; the written content is often lifted from promotional materials, newspaper articles or other artifacts. If you chose Talking Iguana and my services, I will customize your website’s content and design with these kind of specific and personal touches. 

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How would you like your business promoted? Let me design and manage your business’ digital presence. I specialize in website design, maintenance, content production, email marketing, and social media strategies.

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